Welcome to Haro Flow Vermont’s Jamie Cooper-EllisI’ve been in…

Vans BMX Pro Cup Mexico

Vans BMX Pro Cup Woodward

Vans BMX Pro Cup Woodward

Best Line move from the Mexico Vans BMX Pro Cup stop

Vans BMX Pro Cup Mexico

Welcome to Haro Flow Vermont’s Jamie Cooper-Ellis

I’ve been in contact with Jamie for a few years now. He purchased a Haro SDv2 a while back and I have steadily kept an eye on him. He mentioned that he would be attending the Vans BMX Pro Cup stop in Mexico and we finally got to meet in person. Jamie looked really good riding and he made his way from the Global Qualifier and into the Pro main event day on the Sunday.

From there he went on to win the Best Line award gaping into the course blind into a 8ft quarter down below. Jamie has the flow and a good bag of tricks to easily fit in with this series.

With a Woodward Vans BMX Pro Cup Global Qualifier just a few weeks after Mexico, Jamie had one last shot to get an invite for the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championships going down August 4-6 in Huntington Beach, CA. Jamie crushed it and ended up with 2nd and earned a spot and will join now Haro team-mates Dennis Enarson, Ryan Nyquist, Jason Watts and Tyler Fernengel in the big season finale.

I hit Jamie with a few Q’s to get to know him better.

CM: What are you into other than riding? JCE: Alongside with riding I also like to work on cars and motorcycles, build furniture, I also skate with my friends and play music.

CM: You have been shredding the Vans BMX Pro Cup comps, are you into those? JCE: Yeah in my eyes it’s one of the best contests out there right now, the fact that there’s an Open Qualifier and that anybody can enter and ride it’s awesome. I also like the different courses. A bowl gives a different challenge than a regular contest course and it’s awesome to see what that brings and makes it a contest less based on tricks and more on style, flow and creativity.

CM: What do you do for money? JCE: I work on my family’s Maple Farm making Maple Syrup, as well as working on another small family farm in my area. I also build and sell furniture from time to time.

CM: Is it true you lube your chain with Maple Syrup? JCE: Haha, only when I really want that extra spin for crank flips

CM: What made you decide to get an SDv2 in the first place?
I rode one of my friends and the geometry was just perfect, it’s so versatile and feels good on everything from street to trails.

Interview and photo’s by Colin Mackay

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