The Good, the Bad, the Future… Haro BMX at X Games 2017…

Chad Kerley/ Photo: Pete Demos

DMC/ Photo: Pete Demos

Ellie Chew / Photo: Jeff Z – Ride BMX

Simon Tabron/ Photo: Jeff Z – Ride BMX

Dennis Enarson/ Photo: Jeff Z – Ride BMX

Nasty and Ryan Nyquist/ Photo: Pete Demos

The Good, the Bad, the Future… Haro BMX at X Games 2017 by Colin Mackay

Well overall it wasn’t our best performance at an X Games but we did our best. Just being in that elite invite-only group is something to be very proud of and we had a rider representing in five of the six BMX events!

Ellie Chew – Women’s park Jam

Ellie flew all the way from her home country of New Zealand to Minneapolis and built up a new Haro TF bike and to participate in the Women’s Jam before the Park Final. The X Games are looking into having a women’s class competition in the future, and this was the second year of the Jam. With the Olympics taking on a women’s park medal event for 2020, it would be nice if X stepped up next year!

Ellie had the best time and cranked turndowns and tables with a non-stop smile. She really enjoyed herself!

Look for Ellie who is returning in a couple weeks time for the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Huntington Beach, CA (Aug 4-6), where there is a women’s class with $3,000 up for grabs!

Chad Kerley –  Street

Chad is always spoken about being the one that can challenge Garrett for the Gold and this year with a few slip ups and a not-so-perfect run, Chad finished way down in 8th! Chad admitted it’s really hard to hammer out all your best stuff on demand in one run. Chad still rode well and had some great highlights in this Ride BMX video.

Looking ahead for Chad – Finally his Haro CK frame is about 4-6 weeks away. The frame will be available in black or white color options. Chad also has a Haro video part in the completion process so look for that soon! The clips are a mix of stuff over the past two years filming with Christian Rigal.

Dennis McCoy – Vert

How many 50-year-olds do you know that still ride BMX? DMC is 50 and was totally down to roll the dice and twist a 900 like he’s been doing in every X Games since 1995! This one didn’t work out and with the advice from medical, he sat out his second run. Courageous effort no doubt!

See the Longevity feature X Games produced that Dennis worked on before the contest.

Dennis Enarson – Park

In 2016 Dennis finally took home a Gold after a couple runner-up Silver medal’s in the past. This year the guys had three runs and the best run would stick in the scoring. Dennis almost made his planned entire run first try but blew the roll out on a footjam fakie last trick. Dennis had two more chances and just couldn’t tick the trick list off and he had to except a 5th place finish, still a pretty good effort for not actually completing a run!

Dennis looks forward to the Vans BMX Pro Cup finals in Huntington Beach, CA Aug 4-6. Dennis sits 3rd in points and has a chance at the overall title. Dennis has won this stop in the past and has qualified first for the final on two occasions. This should be a great battle on the beach!

Ryan Nyquist – Dirt

Qualifying for the main event was probably the hardest part of Ryan’s weekend. It was really tough with just 3 jumps and a quarter pipe to bank that counted as a 4th set! Ryan successfully made it through on Friday and had to wait until Sunday for the medal round.

Sunday came and it was a really tough day for the 20 year X Games veteran. I’ve never seen Ryan clip his bars on his knee pads doing a double truck, and I can’t remember the last time he blew a 720. He put a ton of pressure on himself and it didn’t work out. Ryan is really bummed on the missed opportunity but I think he needs to stand proud of his legacy in the past. Ryan has MTB and BMX events planned for the rest of the year and I’ve already witnessed him huck a 9 in a pool in Australia at the Vans BMX Pro Cup and also 540 across the whole park in Malaga this year! There will be more from the man this year and I’m positive he’ll be back in the X Games again in 2018.

Ryan’s pumped on his signature frame and 4pc bars and they are available world-wide now!

Photo’s: Pete Demos and Jeff Z/Ride BMX