Qualifying day today at the Vans BMX Pro Cup at the Vans US Open…

Qualifying day today at the Vans BMX Pro Cup at the Vans US Open stop! 40 riders down to 20 for Sunday’s final and there were some upsets.

Mexico stop winner Jason Watts failed to qualify sitting in 21st.

Tom Dugan shattered his finger and is at the hospital.

Sergio Layos got through qualifying finishing in 8th but to win this series, he needs to place higher on Sunday, especially with Dennis Enarson looking really good out there.

Guys that rode well? – Kris Fox for sure. Once again the fastest guy in the bowl. The spine to waterfall gap is really cool and he lands so smooth! Kris lives about 10 minutes away and it’s about time he podiums.

Larry Edgar looks really good out there. Linking some big pockets and going fast and high like we have come to enjoy.

And Gary Young. This isn’t Gary’s first comp by all means. He’s a well established pro and former Vans US Open winner. If Gary has “One of those runs” on Sunday, he’s a chance at taking it.

Sunday is a big day going from 9am-5pm with BMX on all day. The Women’s contest is at 12 noon and the Men’s final will follow. If you’re tuning in online, the Men’s finals are live on vansbmxprocup.com at 3pm-5pm Pacific.

Photo’s: Colin Mackay.

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