darrylnau: Focus. Lately I’ve been putting a lot of energy…


Focus. Lately I’ve been putting a lot of energy towards an attempt increase my deep focus.  My goal is to go deeper into the work or current project by blocking everything else out.  

I have found if that if you strive to be fully 100% engaged everyday it is possible to increase intensity, output and really strengthen the duration of focus on a specific task.  

When I travel to different cities I sometimes do this at private study rooms in the back of public libraries. There is mo way out except thru the project. There is no “I don’t feel like it”, you can squirm all you want but you have no choice to keep going until it’s finished.

After many crucial self-audits of my time I’ve realized that I’ve allowed the world we currently live in to break that focus down drip by drip. All of those distractions add up to chunks of time where important work can be done but more importantly they don’t allow you to really go deep into thought and creation where ideas that matter live.

At first it can be challenging but after several weeks and months you find that you sharpen with an ability to block things out that will go well beyond man made distractions to the biggest hurdle of them all…

That annoying little voice of resistance that we all have inside of our heads that will tell you to sit down when you need to stand up. That voice that if you don’t stomp out with daily disciplines and focus it will be there attempting to stand in your way of your true potential.

The voice can rear its ugly head when you least expect it. One moment you are unstoppable charging like a warrior with a bade in your teeth and the next step it comes out of no where where trying to coax you into stoping, sitting down and backing off your goals.

I personally find the best way to combat that resistance is to pick a goal, its your focal point in the distance, write it down and FOCUS on it.  Day and Night. Make it an obsession, a burning desire.    Always adjusting the moving map of life to get there… and most importantly of all shut the f*ck up and do the work.

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